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VIDEO - what to expect at the Disklavier/Video Recordings

Once contestants have been admitted to the competition, the competition will connect each contestant with the recording site and offer a choice of recording dates and locations. The competition cannot guarantee a specific time for recording, but will do our best to coordinate a recording session that fits your schedule and time requirement. The window to make the recordings is between mid-January and mid-June.

For the e-Piano Junior Competition, you will be creating a recording that uses Yamaha Disklavier Videosync process. During the recording, you will play on a Yamaha Disklavier piano, which will record your performance as MIDI, capturing every key and pedal stroke with outmost accuracy. This recording will be synchronized with the Video, taken at the same time.

These recordings from all e-Piano Junior contestants will be delivered to Minnesota and played for the International Jury in the e-Piano Junior Competition VIRTUAL. The judges will be listening to your performances as they are recreated on a Yamaha Disklavier piano and synchronized with the video (see video for an example of what Disklavier/Video Recording sounds like)

We ask that ALL contestants record repertoire for both rounds in one day.

  • 3 days before the recording please submit confirmed repertoire and proposed recording plan and schedule to the competition. These materials will be shared with your recording staff on the day of the recording

  • Day of recording:
    • Please arrive at the recording location on time.
      The recording that you are making will be viewed by the judges and public (if local recommendations allow public events), so please dress accordingly.
      The repertoire and how it is divided between the two rounds should be decided before the recording session begins, as it will affect the recording procedure.
      Each repertoire piece will be recorded separately; exceptions are multi-movement works, such as sonatas or suites. Variations must be recorded in one take.
      Please treat the recording as a live performance. We strongly suggest that you record pieces in order (following recording instructions from your recording engineer). If you want to, you can choose to re-record pieces. If you choose to re-record any of the pieces, you must choose which version recording of the piece you would like us to use for the competition BEFORE you leave the recording site. The recording engineer will make a note of your choice and submit it to the competition along with other recording notes and materials.
  • Young Artist 60 min of recorded music 3 hour recording slot
  • Aspire 40 min of recorded music 1hr 20 min recording slot
  • Spark 20 min of recorded music 1 hour recording slot

  • To see what to expect from the Disklavier/Video Recordings, view this short video on Youtube. This video is a few years old, but the process for the purposes of knowing what to expect is very similar.

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